Starting the day with a nutritious meal is proven to help students do better in the classroom and protect against long-term health issues. School breakfast makes it possible for all students to access this important meal and its benefits.

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Omari Hashim Cato, 5th grade E.L.A teacher for Harmony School of Endeavor, ramps up education BMX (Bicycle Motocross) style.

Omari Hashim Cato, 5th grade E.L.A teacher for Harmony School of Endeavor, ramps up education BMX (Bicycle Motocross) style.

Omari Hashim Cato, 5th grade E.L.A teacher for Harmony School of Endeavor, ramps up education BMX (Bicycle Motocross) style. Cato has been riding bicycles his entire life, and began riding competitively 10 years ago under the discipline Flatland BMX; a form of BMX that requires no ramps nor obstacles, “just you and the bike.” 

As his passion for bicycles grew, so did his skillset and interest in sharing his experiences with his students. He took an interest in becoming a talented bicycle mechanic, and began racing in Track and Road cycling categories. Over time his accolades grew, becoming a Shimano certified technician, competing in the Pro class in Flatland BMX while reaching Category 3 level of competition within the racing world. 

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After participating in numerous competitions across the globe, Cato is now arguably one of the most skilled Flatland BMX riders in the nation as one of the top BMX Flatland riders in the world. 

While on this journey something constantly nagged Cato until he realized the lack of education and access to bicycles in the nation and my community. Many children enjoy riding bicycles yet few know how to maintain nor know the endless possibilities that they have to offer. In 2016, he set out to solve this problem through a program he created called, Zin cycles. 

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The service serves as a mini bike shop at a local community center where he’s taught various students how to ride, fix and maintain bicycles. “While I love the teaching profession, my biggest passion is for bicycles and their ability to transform lives.”

Since the inception of his program, Cato has expanded his talents to beginning a BMX Bike Club at Harmony School of Enrichment and Endeavor. He even shows students how to race their beloved bicycles while serving his community. With this program and his love of helping kids and the community, it directly led him into the classroom and his community both inside and out of Harmony.

Re-Enrollment for current Harmony families who plan to return next school year is January 4-28, 2022.

Re-Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year for Harmony families begins soon.

During this time of year each January, we ask families to complete a simple, online Re-Enrollment process, letting us know they’ll be joining us for another great year of learning and fun next school year, which starts in August 2022.

This simple step allows us to make sure each current student’s spot at Harmony is reserved for the following school year, and assess how many new student seats we have available for other applicants.

Re-Enrollment at Harmony Public Schools runs January 4-28, 2022. Look for more details in your email inbox, via Skyward, or on our Facebook page soon.

In the meantime, check out these 6 things families need to know about Re-Enrollment at Harmony Public Schools.

#1 – When is Re-Enrollment season?

For the 2022-2023 school year, re-enrollment will be January 4-28, 2022.

#2 – How do I apply for Re-Enrollment?

The preferred method for re-enrollment is through the student’s online Skyward account. (A link to Skyward can be found at the top of your campus homepage or you can simply click here.). Parents without internet and/or Skyward access may also request a paper re-enrollment option from their child’s campus.

#3 – What is the difference between Re-Enrollment and Open Enrollment?

Re-enrollment is intended for current Harmony students planning to stay at their current campus the following school year, or who will naturally feed upward to a new campus (e. from elementary to nearby middle school). Open Enrollment is for new students, or current students who wish to change Harmony campuses for personal reasons (ex. transferring to a campus closer to home).

#4 – If a student plans to stay at the same school next year, are they automatically guaranteed re-enrollment if they complete the re-enrollment process before the deadline?

Yes, so long as their family completes the re-enrollment process.

#5 – What happens if a parent does not submit their re-enrollment information before the deadline?

If a parent misses the deadline to complete the re-enrollment process, then the student will lose his/her reserved space for next school year and must apply during Open Enrollment, held November 1-February 10 each school year. To apply, visit

#6 – What does a Harmony parent need to do if they would like to stay with Harmony, but transfer to a different campus for the next school year?

If a parent would like to change Harmony campuses for the following school year, they must submit an application for the desired school at