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Dear Parent:

Harmony Houston North District (formerly known as Harmony School of Excellence district up to 2021)  is sharing this information about the district and your child’s campus with you as part of its obligations under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA).

Federal Report Cards for the district, and each of the district’s campuses are now available on the district’s website https://www.harmonytx.org/about under the Accountability/Federal Report Card tab. On top of the website on the right you can click on EN to select Spanish or other languages being offered to translate the website.

They are also available on the Texas Education Agency’s website at: https://tea.texas.gov/Finance_and_Grants/Grants/Federal_Report_Card/ for current and past report cards.

Report cards currently published are always referring to last school year’s performance. To see what’s included in these report cards please go to this document.

If you have difficulty accessing the information from the website, hard copies of the reports are available at the district or campus office.  If you have questions about the information, please contact your campus Federal Programs Coordinator.


Mr. Emin Cavusoglu

Area Superintendent Harmony Houston North

11 de febrero de 2022

Querido padre:

El Distrito Norte de Harmony Houston (anteriormente conocido como distrito de la Escuela de Excelencia de Harmony hasta 2021) está compartiendo esta información sobre el distrito y el campus de su hijo con usted como parte de sus obligaciones en virtud de la Ley federal Every Student Succeeds Act de 2015 (ESSA).

Las boletas de calificaciones federales para el distrito y cada uno de los campus del distrito ahora están disponibles en el sitio web del distrito https://www.harmonytx.org/about en la pestaña Accountability/Federal Report Card. En la parte superior derecha del sitio web, puede hacer clic en EN para seleccionar español u otros idiomas que se ofrecen para traducir el sitio web.

Ellos también están disponibles en el sitio web de la Agencia de Educación de Texas en: https://tea.texas.gov/Finance_and_Grants/ Grants/Federal_Report_Card/ para boletas de calificaciones actuales y pasadas.

Las boletas de calificaciones publicadas actualmente siempre se refieren al desempeño del último año escolar. Para ver lo que se incluye en estas boletas de calificaciones, vaya a este documento.

Si tiene dificultades para acceder a la información del sitio web, las copias impresas de los informes están disponibles en la oficina del distrito o del campus. Si tiene preguntas sobre la información, comuníquese con el Coordinador de Programas Federales de su campus.


Sr. Emin Cavusoglu

Superintendente de Área Harmony Houston Norte

Each school year, thousands of families submit their application to become a part of Harmony Public Schools.

Here’s how we select applicants for enrollment each year to make sure each applicant has an equal opportunity to become our next high-achieving Harmony scholar.


Each January, we ask current families to let us know if they’ll be coming back to Harmony next year. This is called “Re-Enrollment.”


Based on the number of students returning next year and the number of classes in each grade level, we determine how many open spots we will have for new students.


Meanwhile, new families are submitting their applications during our annual Open Enrollment season, which runs from November 1 through February 10 each year.


After February 10, if the number of new applicants is greater than the number of available spots we have, Harmony holds a “blind lottery” to make sure all applicants have a fair opportunity to be seated.


Families of students selected for enrollment are notified. Those not selected are put on a “waitlist” and contacted as soon as a spot opens up.

… and that’s it!

Here are some answers to our applicants’ most frequently asked questions.


Not always, but often.

Whether a lottery is needed is determined by the number of spots available at each grade level and the number of eligible applicants interested in them.


Most importantly, we need you to officially accept the spot (a link will be provided on the acceptance letter). Then, between now and next fall, you’ll need to officially register your child and provide a few documents verifying their identity and home address.

After that, we’ll see you on the first day of school!

(Note: If you were accepted by more than one campus, please register at your preferred campus and decline the invitation of any others. This will allow us to offer those spots to another prospective Harmony family.)


Absolutely – so don’t give up hope! Students initially placed on a waitlist are given the opportunity to enroll all the time at Harmony, often for one of the following reasons:

  • A student who was initially selected in the lottery didn’t completion registration by the deadline.
  • A student who was initially selected in the lottery moved away.
  • A student was selected by two schools in the lottery, but of course could only register at one.
  • We added an an extra class at the grade level for which you applied.
  • One of our nearby campuses had an opening,
    and reached out to see if you were interested in attending there.

More Questions?

Reach out to us on Let’s Talk to let us know how we can help!

weather update

weather updateWeather Update

Due to inclement weather and hazardous road conditions, all Harmony Houston North campuses and facilities are closed on Friday, February 4, 2022.

Saturday tutorial on Saturday, February 5th is also canceled.