Join Our Team

Harmony Public Schools-North Houston District will be hosting our annual Job Fair. Don’t miss this great opportunity to interview with our principals and campus staff.

Please remember to bring copies of your resume.

Harmony School of Endeavor

5668 W Little York Rd. Houston, TX 77091

“Harmony Public Schools is a highly recognized and award-winning charter school that hires top-quality teachers, administrators, and other professionals. HPS strives to provide personal growth and professional success to recent graduates or experienced professionals seeking new career opportunities. We offer competitive salaries, great benefits, professional support and opportunities for career advancement.

Harmony attributes the strong performance of its schools and students to three core principles within the school model:

(1) A challenging Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math curriculum.

(2) A focus on assessment across the school system.

(3) A culture of constructive competition, discipline, and parental engagement”